About Me

I’m 50+, married, and have two great kids. They’re all genuinely good people and I’m happy and thankful for that. Having three caring people in your life and tightness as a family is an excellent springboard for life.

Keeping self-descriptives to a minimum, I would say that I’m creative, curious, logical, organized, mindful, pragmatic and fun.  I love to learn and do all types of different things, and I’m frequently found with my MacBook on my lap, a book in my hands, or a plan to go out and explore something new. I definitely have a growth mindset…

Things that I value and what I think makes good people are respect, truth, self-awareness, thoughtfulness, the ability to listen, being a continual learner, and always trying to be your best self. You’ll find these ideas throughout my writing.  

Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, photography, hiking, cycling, aviation, planes, horology, watches, history/culture, design/architecture, engineering, and travel whenever and wherever I can.  I’ll write about all of it here.

I’m a good planner and always have a Plan A and B for anything significant that I’m doing.  With that planning mindset though also comes the important realization that flexibility is mandatory in life, so maybe Plan A sometimes has to turn into Plan A.1 or .2 or entirely to Plan B, and that’s OK.  I adjust my plan and find solutions.

My wife and I love the Southwest U.S., and plan to vacation there extensively or possibly even live there when retirement eventually gets here many years down the road.  We’ve lived in the Northeast U.S. for our entire lives, and as nice as it is here, an eventual change of pace to the Southwest at that point in life would be exciting. 

Something funny happens when you turn 50.  Society, your job, the media, and your friends all shift your focus (intentionally or unintentionally) to “the next phase” of your life…that long period of time between turning 50 and retirement when you’re enjoying all of the things you like to do and you’re working a lot, but you’re also quite conscious of planning for your future.  For me, turning 50 included all of that…but it also awoke in me a deep desire to achieve my personal goals and at the same time give back to others in some way.  I want to bring my passions together and make a mark that means something to me as a person.  I’ve learned and done a lot that others might find useful or enjoyable, so a good way to give back is through my writing to “put it all out there”.  

I will do that on this blog.  It’s my unique ‘slant on life’. Enjoy!